Monday, October 15, 2012

An "Activity" of God

     There was a person that I met once and I felt that I should talk to them about my faith. Not knowing what to say I started to talk to them about certain spiritual things. In doing this I was nervous, fearful, and even stumbled in my speech. However, to my surprise the person almost began to weep and shared with me their struggles with God. What I found amazing was the fact that nothing that I shared with them had anything to do with what they were sharing. It was as if they were just waiting and ready to open their heart to the first experience of God that came along. I learned a valuable lesson in meeting this person, which is faith sharing is never one sided and ultimately is an "Activity" of God.
     The reference to an "Activity" of God originally came from Blessed Elder Sophrony. He used the term to described the name of our Lord. He says, "the Name transcends cosmic energies, emanating from the Divine sphere, it is not an invention of the human mind, although man has devised a word for it (His Life is Mine pg.108)".As he mentions the name of our Lord might be with human speech but it also transcended it being of itself an action or "Activity "of God. For the reason whenever we speak the name of our Lord we invoke all that He is. He is never at any point separated from His name and to speak it in faith makes possible Divine life in this world.
     Being united to Jesus Christ through our faith we also become an "Activity" of God. Just as human speech makes possible the power of God so does a life lived in faith. As the scriptures says we are "co-workers" with God in bringing Him into this world(1cor. 3:9).For this reason there is no such thing as failure in doing religious work, evangelization, or praying for others. In all these actions God is becoming one with human nature. Even if every attempt to reach out to others is rejected that which we have brought into their experience remains dormant but in us becomes a transformation. There is never a waist or failure because it is not a mere human effort but a manifestation of God Himself.
     God may use our actions to reach out to others but He at the same time is never dependent upon them. There is never a time when our skill leads others to conversion but rather it's our own experience of God. No matter how skilled we become in religious activities its ultimately an experience of God that leads a person to repentance(Rom. 2:4).It is this very experience that we need to learn to make our own. It takes an action of faith on our part to do this. Sometimes this expressed in trying to receive an education for ministry and other times simple trying to know Him the best way we can. No matter how we respond God will use our human effort to manifest his Divine power.
     When it comes to a being equipped for ministry there are many of us well trained. However, no matter how well we speak or even how poorly all that matters is the "Activity of God". You don’t have to be a professional when it comes to leading others to Christ. There are only really two things that he requires, which are your obedience and desire. From these two things you can guarantee that in sharing your faith others will never be the same. Like I shared in the beginning of this post you could even stumble with your words and speak of something that might not appear to have meaning. No matter how simple or foolish it may seem your effort to share your faith brings God into the world.

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