Sunday, June 3, 2018

A Byzantine Gospel Tract

Several years ago, the Melkite Patriarch expressed the need for us to communicate the gospel in an uncomplicated way. He understood how complex our faith could be and recognized that other religions have an advantage over us in this regard. Over the years, I have thought about what he said and have tried to discover ways that we Byzantines can communicate our faith effectively. The following Gospel tract (trifold) is one of those ways. I took the following three points that we emphasize in our tradition:(incarnation, the victory over death, partaking of the divine nature) and presented them in a simplistic way. The tract is geared toward the unchurched person, so I tried to avoid any inclusive church language. Typically, in our culture people recognize that Christians use the bible as an authoritative source, so I reference the bible in that fashion. I presented the points in the tract so that the person reading can make a decision to accept what Christ has done for them.  However, unlike what is seen in most protestant tracts there is no prayer to accept Jesus as the savior. Saying that kind of prayer might be a good start, but I truly believe that God communicates the fullness of his love only through the Church, so I make the final point about seeking membership in a Catholic Church. This tract I hope can be a good guide for a brief presentation of our faith. You never know who might pick it up and start the journey of faith. Its fully editable if you want to change the content. I am using them for my parish so you might want to change the back if you are going to use them for yours. I know there are better ways to do this but if you can use this feel free to download the Microsoft publisher version (here) or pdf  version (here).


  1. Well this is Providential timing. I am gearing up for outreach in the areas surrounding our parish starting in July, and just started on a brochure yesterday, but the content was going to be a struggle. This succinct expression of the kerygma from an Eastern Catholic perspective is just what I needed. I have a large icon of the Transfiguration arriving this week from Greece that I commissioned specifically for taking to festivals/street fairs etc. Thank you for sharing this! I will likely modify the layout a bit for my purposes, but this is such a help. May we follow in the footsteps of the Great Fishermen from today's Gospel!